Some industries where Onolytics excels

Academic Research

The success of Onolytics classi cation has been enhanced by robust academic validation in many elds of scholarly research:

  • Computer Science and Social Media Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Management Public Health
  • Epidemiology, and Healthcare
  • Politics and Elections
  • Discrimination in Education and Housing+


In the areas of Public Health, Healthcare, and Epidemiology, Onolytics is an ideal solution to add ethnic classi cation data to various types of patient data:

  • Patient Records
  • Hospital Admission Records
  • Morbidity/Mortality Databases

Many of these health applications have been published in peer reviewed academic papers demonstrating Onolytics contributions to health researchers


Market research

In a multicultural world, understanding ethnicity of customers is crucial for business and marketing decisions. Onolytic’s data can enhance your market research.

  • Better understand customer behavior and buying preferences
  • Target marketing campaigns to appropriate consumers
  • Design and market products and services to target ethnic groups Measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns by ethnic classi cation Measure social media engagement
  • Measure and adjust communications channels to reach desired markets
  • Measure progress towards creating expanded markets for products and services

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